Our Team. Our DNA.
Experts and enthusiasts of exhibition experiences and museum lighting.


Intervento has been creativity, technology and experience since 1993

. We start each project as if it were the first, but with the experience, know-how and efficiency that we have acquired over the last 30 years. Our profession is constantly evolving, which forces us to continuously improve, offering a competitive and innovative service at all times.


We are a pioneering multidisciplinary team

Our team is made up of professionals with different sensibilities and backgrounds, who work together on comprehensive projects ranging from consultancy to the conceptualisation, design, production and installation of exhibition and lighting experiences. Thanks to this team we are a benchmark in the lighting of Historical Heritage and Urban Lighting.


Sensitive to the spiral economy, quality and the environment.

Because we must all work together to make the world a better place. More sustainable, fairer, more humane and respectful.



Els nostres projectes parlen de nosaltres tant com nosaltres parlem dels nostres projectes: perquè som professionals i exigents, però també apassionats, entusiastes i compromesos.

Board of Directors


Miguel Ángel Rodríguez Lorite


María José Balaguer

Consejera delegada

Eva Noguera

General Management:

Directora general

Eva Noguera

Area Managers

Directora departamento iluminación

María Jesús Palencia

Directora delegación de Barcelona

Begoña Sánchez

Responsable delegación de Gijón

Orlando Fernández

Department Managers:

Diseño de iluminación

Pablo Barone

Iluminación de exposiciones

Patricia Ríos

Producción de iluminación

Irene Gonzalo

Diseño museográfico

Rocío Rodríguez

Producción museográfica

Fernando Mateos


Jorge Fueyo


Responsable Administración

Lola González

Gestión, RRHH, Calidad

Obdulia Vélez

Adrià Huerta


Diseño museográfico

Miguel Pintre

Berta Boada

Diseño iluminación

Elena Anagnou

Alejandra Sanchez

Diseño gráfico

Alicia Gallego

Elena Valado

Producción museográfica

Belén Fernandez

Alejandro Perez

Andrea Muniain

Marta Menem

Laia Cadena

Carina Colomer

Producción iluminación

Daniel Fernandez


Antonio García

Specialised technicians


Ariel Giacone

Jose Manuel González

Traycho Nikolaev

Juan Argenti

Nikolai Veselinov

Marina Martín

Héctor Castro


Viorel Negru

Sergio Estévez

Dimas Muñoz

Maria José Domínguez

Verónica Juarez

Miguel Angel Lachowicz


Alina Somu

Marc Olivart

Daniel Jiménez

Restauración, piezas y soportes

Sandra Samboal


We highlight some of the benchmark projects that have shaped our history.

Exhibition “10 museums, 10 positions” at the former MEAC, now the Costume Museum.


Despite the limited budget for the exhibition, we managed to change the very low quality fluorescent lamps for warmer ones with better chromatic reproduction in the exhibition areas.

Exhibition in homage to García de Paredes in the old City Museum.


Our first turnkey exhibition, from design to production.

Design and production of the Fundación Laboral de la Construcción booth at IFEMA.


CEU booth at AULA. Design by Aurora Herreros.


The use of neon colours played a key role. At that time we had worked with Aurora on a project to recover the neon lighting of the Capitol cinema, which did not come to fruition. And we had been left frustrated.

The “Prague 1946” exhibition in the old Sala de las Alhajas, curated by Tusell and Martinez Novillo.


Renovation of the lighting design.

“Royal factories” in the Sala de las Alhajas, designed by Jesús Moreno.


Display case lit up from the outside. The good control of lighting and luminance achieved with the “louvers” grid system, which was not in use at the time, is particularly noteworthy.