Lighting of the Alameda Castle. Madrid.


Ayuntamiento de Madrid


The castle built at the end of the 14th century by the Mendoza family was a fortified residence characterised by the keep, the courtyard, the outer enclosure with corner towers and the defensive moat around the whole complex.
In the mid-16th century, a major remodelling took place that transformed the austere defensive building into a rural palace in the Renaissance style with gardens, fountains, a wide moat and more rooms inside the main building. The archaeological site currently conserves most of its most significant elements.

The lighting of the "Castillo de Madrid" is intended not only to enhance its value, but also to enable it to be used at night, enabling it to be used for other activities such as concerts, guided tours, receptions or theatrical performances, so the spaces that many centuries ago were used as defensive, recreational or leisure areas can be used in a very different way.
A main access and a route around the outer perimeter of the moat is proposed to enable the observation of the old castle and later Renaissance palace and to reveal the rest of the buildings inside the enclosure, such as the pantheon of the Fernán Núñez family and the Capricho bunker. This route will lead visitors to the interior of the moat, where the night-time activities are scheduled to take place.

Work carried out: Lighting design, drafting of the lighting project and technical direction.

Photographs: José Luis de la Parra.

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