Lighting of the Auschwitz Exhibition. Not so long ago. Not so far away.




From the beginning of December 2017 until February 2019, the exhibition "Auschwitz. Not so long ago. Not so far away" took place at Sala Castellana 214, which, in a space of 2,500 square metres, exhibited more than 600 original objects from the Nazi concentration camp Auschwitz – Birkenau.

The exhibition, which received an extraordinary response from the public, had a clear objective: to show visitors how such a place could exist and what life in the camp was like, and thus demonstrate the dangers of hatred and intolerance.
For this exhibition, we sought an intimate but undramatic lighting that would not add more than the content itself revealed, while respecting the high conservation requirements of the items on display.
For the exhibition tours at the Museum of Jewish Heritage in New York and at Union Station in Kansas City, Intervento was responsible for the lighting design. For the Malmö Mässan exhibition we designed the exhibition lighting.

Work carried out: Lighting design, production, assembly, installation of audiovisual equipment.

Photographs: José Luis de la Parra.

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