Lighting project for the Fernán Gómez Cultural Centre.

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The purpose of the project was to change the appearance of the entrances and common areas of the cultural centre and to install audiovisual screens and signage. The renovation carried out a few years ago, which included the exterior walkway under the fountain into the interior, affected the perception of the usable space. Modernisation of the vertical walls, unification of the paving and spatial reorganisation were necessary to achieve a more welcoming and modern image.

Lighting plays an important role in this process. The fact that the cultural centre is underground meant that special emphasis had to be placed on the entrance areas, not only by adding more lighting, but also by including attractive lighting elements. The concrete pilaster that once supported the sculpture of Columbus on ground level is highlighted in the interior, and in this circular hall, the lines of light follow the forms, with direct lighting on the floor that goes completely unnoticed. In the waiting area adjoining the rooms, the general light comes from trapezoidal luminous plates that replace the metal parts of the false ceiling. In the entrance area to the exhibition hall, small, arbitrarily positioned luminaires are hidden between the slats of the false ceiling originally installed. The staircase handrail once included a lighting system that has been replaced with LED technology. Finally, in the area leading to the exhibition hall, functional and decorative lighting has been installed to help transform this space into a place of relaxation.

Work carried out: Museographic design of the exhibition spaces located in the transit areas, entrances and interiors.

Photographs: José Luis de la Parra.

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