100 Years of the Music Library. A century of music

Museographic Desing

Área de Gobierno de Cultura y Deportes, Dirección General de Bibliotecas, Archivos y Museos, Biblioteca Musical Víctor Espinos (Madrid)


A museographic proposal to commemorate the first centenary of the Víctor Espinós Music Library, dedicated to the dissemination of music in the city of Madrid through its dual role as a specialised library and a pioneering space for the loan of instruments.

The main theme of the exhibition was to highlight the value of the Musical Library's collection of musical instruments and scores, giving an account of the history of the institution from its creation to the future, with a special emphasis on the figures of its founders and users. The exhibition was organised around three main areas – seeing, playing and listening – which coincided with the services offered by the institution, inviting visitors to discover, experience and learn through the senses. In the “Seeing” area, the institution's heritage was exhibited with a careful selection of instruments and scores, many of which were on display for the first time. The “Playing” area had soundproof booths with instruments and in “Listening” a historic piano was exhibited and a small odeon was recreated for concerts.

Work carried out: Museographic design, graphic design and lighting design. Technical Direction.

Photographs: José Luis de la Parra.

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