Design of the museographic project of Gil Vicente’s plays

Museographic Desing

Museo Nacional del Teatro


Museographic project showing an overview of Gil Vicente's plays through the display of textual pieces, costumes and immersive audiovisual materials.

The museographic design was based on the structures that support classical theatrical stage sets, creating a module-frame that was used to generate walls and house showcases, tables, graphics and screens. The audiovisual displays accompanied the visitor throughout the visit, taking the form of different experiences that ranged from a sound tour to the recreation of a staging of Gil Vicente's works. All the elements were designed to be assembled, disassembled and reused in order to facilitate their mobility.

Work carried out: Conceptualisation. Museographic design, graphic design, lighting design, audiovisual design. Technical Direction. Production and assembly of museography, audiovisual materials and lighting.

Photographs: José Luis de la Parra.

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