Ornamental lighting of the Royal Mint.

Luminaire Design

Fundación Endesa. Ayuntamiento de Segovia.


In the last process of refurbishing the Segovia Royal Mint (CECA), the ornamental lighting of the complex was carried out. One important part of the project consisted of the design of some luminaires, among which we highlight the bench with light, the spikes in a garden area and the neon sign next to the entrance.

At the entrance to the complex we placed a neon sign based on a text from Juan de Herrera's “discourse on the cubic figure”: “In greater concord there is greater repose, where there is greater repose there is greater equality, where there is greater equality there is greater perfection”. This graphic luminaire, together with a subtle highlighting of the façade, completed a discreet general lighting of the area.
In front of the first building on the side of which the neon sign is supported, we found some benches, which we used as a support for a luminaire, which, apart from being luminous objects in themselves, house flush light fittings facing the façade of the building.
Behind them, in the area of the flowerbeds, we inserted some pieces that we call “light reeds”, made of Corten steel, from which small points of coloured light emerged.

Work carried out: Luminaire design and lighting design.

Photographs: José Luis de la Parra.

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