Segovia Lighting Master Plan.

Master Plans

Ayuntamiento de Segovia


A plan that comprehensively addressed the transformation of the city's night-time landscape and which, like so many others, lies unattended in some municipal office. Perhaps the only one of its kind that warranted the mounting of an exhibition for educational purposes in the Sala de la Alhóndiga in Segovia, which was visited by many local residents.

The plan envisaged the renovation of urban and ornamental lighting throughout the city, including proposals for night-time tours, artistic installations, video mapping, gardens, etc. For the first time, drones were used to obtain graphic evidence of lighting pollution caused by traditional ornamental lighting systems. More than 70 basic lighting projects were developed and it was calculated that, even including numerous new lighting proposals, the energy savings could be close to 70% of the power originally installed.

Work carried out: Lighting Master Plan.

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