Lighting of the Church of San Martín Pinario.


Seminario Mayor. Fundación Endesa


Completed in 1652, it is the work of Mateo López and González de Araújo. It has a single, large, longitudinal nave, enclosed by vaults with false coffers. The vault of the transept is crowned by a hemispherical dome allowing the passage of abundant natural light. The altarpieces of the high altar are the work of Fernando Casas y Novoa and the Baroque stalls of the choir loft that of Mateo de Prado.

The absence of liturgical activity and the existence of a museum that begins in the anteroom to the sacristy has in some way transformed the church itself into a museum. This circumstance led to a more museographic approach without neglecting the necessary general lighting component, especially in the central nave from the entrance to the transept, which is covered by a barrel vault; Here the indirect lighting is of higher intensity and is accompanied by specially designed luminaires located on the columns flanking the openings to the side chapels. We paid special attention to the highlighting of the altarpieces of the main altar, transept and the choir stalls of the transept where a catenary was installed to protect the work and contain part of the lighting system.

Work carried out: Lighting design, luminaire design, installation of interior lighting and church lighting.

Photographs: José Luis de la Parra.

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